Bedouin-rooted Weaving and the Poetics of Place Making
Bedouin-rooted Weaving and the Poetics of Place Making 

Open to the Public


Time 10:30am - 03:00pm

Location 19 Washington Square North

This two-part workshop explores the idea of “textility”—how patterns and patterning in architecture, walking, text, and daily life help us understand place, power, and belonging. The first part is a presentation on Bedouin-rooted weaving as practiced by women at the Women's General Union, weaving as a symbolic language in Abu Dhabi, and “textilic” negotiations among the city’s residents in public space. The second part engages participants in making page-sized weavings and weaving-inspired texts that reflect on place making as a recursive practice. No prior weaving or poetry writing experience necessary.

For more information about the artist please visit Jill Magi, NYUAD

Convened by

Jill Magi Assistant Arts Professor, Literature/Creative Writing & Visual Arts, NYUAD

Hosted by

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute