Conceptions of Charity Among the Abrahamic Religions
Conceptions of Charity Among the Abrahamic Religions 

Open to the Public


Time 06:00pm - 07:30pm

Location 19 Washington Square North

In some religious traditions, charity was considered a means of worshiping God.  In assisting the poor, one was not simply addressing a social need but performing a religious service. Gary Anderson will argue that this sacramental dimension of early Christian and Jewish charity, which has often been missed, establishes an important linkage between charity and religion.  In response, Mark Cohen will consider the religious tradition of Jewish charity in an Islamic context.

In collaboration with the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, NYUNY.


Gary Anderson Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Theology, University of Notre Dame

Mark Cohen The Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East; Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Paradoxes of Charity