A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Desirable? Feasible?
A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Desirable? Feasible? 

Open to the Public


Time 06:30pm - 08:00pm

Location NYUAD Campus, Conference Center

This lecture underlines the special character of nuclear weapons and discusses the desirability and the feasibility of a nuclear-weapon-free world. In addition to addressing some past activities that worked to promote nuclear disarmament and the transition to a nuclear-weapon-free world, the lecture also covers the significant developments initiated by the January 2007 Wall Street Journal op-ed coauthored by Shultz, Perry, Kissinger, and Nunn, which culminated in the April 2009 Prague speech by President Obama.


Francesco Calogero Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’; Former Secretary-General of Pugwash Conferences

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NYU Abu Dhabi Institute